Photo Credit Eugene Lee

Photo Credit Eugene Lee

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a decision to own your life.  To stop playing around, figure out what you really want in your life, and to start making it happen.

When partnering with a life coach, it truly is a partnership.  As a client, you are held as the expert of your life—you know all of the answers.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, you forget or get afraid to keep moving forward.  This is where your coach steps in.  They are committed to seeing you as your greatness and standing for you to continue making your dreams a reality, in the face of everything that shows up. 

Together, we will create your vision, the steps to get there, and manifest it.  Sessions take place either over the phone or video call, so location isn't an obstacle!  Contact me here to set up your free sample coaching session. 


"Before Aubrey told me about life coaching, I had no idea what it was.   But since I usually like experiencing new things, I decided to give it a try.   I have been doing weekly coaching sessions with her for several months now, and I am so grateful for them. Aubrey is organized, thorough, kind, clear, willing, and honest.  She has helped me to see what goes on beneath the surface.  I have become aware of the habits I maintain, both good and bad, and she has offered new ways to operate.  This has been challenging, yet freeing.

With Aubrey's help, I have become bolder, more aware, and more goal-oriented.  I feel empowered to achieve my aspirations, and more connected to who I am. "

--Megan G.